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Sign up as a childcare professional to find work in your area.

What is Honest Care?

Honest care is an online marketplace used to connect parents to vetted and qualified childcare professionals. Honest care is only operational in Johannesburg for now

Hire with confidence

Honest Care vetting process
  • In person interviews

  • Detailed background checks

  • Screening of personal references

Find care in 3 easy steps


Post a job of your family needs


Review responses and detailed profiles


Screen, interview & make your hire



Geo location search

Search for childcare professionals and childcare jobs near you using the geo location feature.

Qualification badges

Qualification badges are there to inform parents of a clear criminal record report, first aid certificates, vetted verifications for all childcare professionals.

Video introductions

Get a first impression of each nanny by viewing their short video introductions.

Access to references

Parents get access to ratings and reviews from previous employers.

In app interview requests

Request an interview using the app and set an appointment. A safety feature will be linked to the requests to inform your next of kin of your location

Interview safety feature

Your next of kin will be alerted of your interview location. If a interview request is not completed, your next of kin will be informed

Ratings & reviews

Previous employers will leave a rating and review of the childcare professional. Parents are also able to contact all relevant references

In app criminal record checks

Updated criminal record checks can be requested within the app. Honest care will send third party criminal record checks 3 days after a request has been sent

Pricing Details

Our all inclusive pricing plan that covers you well
  • Unlimited childcare profiles searches
  • Geo-location search the best childcare professionals near you
  • Access to vetted and qualified childcare
  • Access to exclusive parent resources
  • Video introduction to childcare professionals
  • Access to all features

Honest Care

Marketplace details and introduction
Honest care is a safe space for the modern parent to find childcare. After concerning and disturbing stories in the media, the Honest care team was inspired to create a childcare marketplace to serve the modern parent in finding care they can trust. The Co-founder & CEO has extensive experience in childcare and helping families around the world raise happy children. The Honest care team hopes to connect parents with compassionate, professional and qualified childcare
How much does Honest care cost?
Honest care is free for Woman’s month. We would love for parents to give us feedback on the app and find a great childcare professional.
How do I post a job?
The Honest care team will send an email to all signed up parents who are interested in posting their jobs. The feature is currently in testing
Where do you find your childcare professionals?
Honest care sources childcare professionals from social media, referrals and collaboration with US childcare agencies.
Does Honest care facilitate salary payments?
No, Honest care does not facilitate payments of salaries. The parent and childcare professional are to agree on how payment is done off the platform
When will the Honest care IOS mobile application be available?
The Honest care team will inform all registered IOS users of the apple launch date via email. IOS users will get 30 days free use even after woman’s day

Honest care aims to create a safe environment for both parents and childcare professionals to meet. In order to do so, Honest care conducts screening on all childcare professionals and families.

  • In person interviews: The Honest care team conducts in person interviews in our Johannesburg office. We do this to get to know the childcare professional better and gauge skill level.
  • Detailed background check: Criminal record reports are checked for any offences and violations
  • Screening of personal presences: Childcare professional references are emailed or called to verify previous experience

The Honest care trust & safety centre is a series of content aimed at helping our community members make better decisions. Our commitment to our users carries through to every process our users experience on the platform.
Trust and safety resources for users:

  • Parent resources
  • Childcare professional resources
  • Honest care resources

Creating a community platform where all users feel served is important to Honest care. A foundation of trust is created in consistent expectations of Parents and childcare professionals. This is a living document of the Honest care community rules we expect all users to abide by.

Harming of others: You should not commit physical or sexual assault, sexual abuse, sexual harassment, domestic violence, robbery, human trafficking, other acts of violence, or hold anyone against their will. Members of dangerous organizations, including terrorist, organized criminal, and violent racist groups, are not welcome in this community. Honest care is committed to working with law enforcement as appropriate and responding to valid law enforcement requests.

Threatening of others: You should not convey an intent to harm anyone by your words or physical actions. We also take threats of self-harm as seriously as we do actions and may intervene if we become aware of a threat

Your Honest care experiences should be full of delightful moments and surprising adventures. Since our community is built on trust, authenticity is essential—it requires a balance of shared expectations, honest interactions, and accurate details.